Life Science

Translation of the Life Science materials requests the highest level of accuracy because the errors can cause illness, injury or death. The precision in the translation is extremely important when it comes to Life Science translation. The Life Science translation represents a greater challenge than the translation of some other areas because it is specific and very complex due to the terminology and the language used in everyday practice.

This area of expertise has a very specific scope of linguistic services:

•Back translation (back translation to the source language to check the accuracy)

•Cognitive interviews (testing translation of scales and questionnaires on patients and analysis of the results),

•Clinician review (review of the translation with a clinician to adapt it to everyday practice).

In our fourteen years of experience with Life Science translations we did these types of documents:

•Clinical trial and study documentation,


•Medication leaflets,


•Scales for different types of illnesses such as depression, Parkinson’s disease, etc.,

•Medical Questionnaires,

•Medical devices such as CT, MR, stretchers, blood glucose meter, stents, etc.,

•Medical articles and publications,

•Medical Patient Software,

•Medical Reports,

•Drug Labels and other.